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Bhadragol |Nepali popular comedy serial online


It is one of the  nepal televion regular serial .It is one of the most viewed television programs in Nepal. Kumar Katel and Arjun Ghimire are the writers and a film director, Shankar Acharya, directs the show. This serial shows the village life and society story every week .
Jigri is a young crook . He along with his friends , commits crimes and mostly spends time in Solmari(local name for bar) by drinking local alcohol. Pandey is also the main character. He is the most cunning man in entire village who is expert in fooling and cheating villagers with his funny ideas. bhadragoal



The cast team are:

Pandey (Arjun Ghimire)
Jigri (Kumar Katel)
Bariste (Shankar Acharya)
Rakshya (Rakshya Shrestha)
Croc Rose (Hari Niraula)
Belase (Subash Karki)
Khube ka bau (Kamalmani Nepal)
Bale (Sagar Lamsal)
Jayante (Govinda Koirala)
Sitaram Ji (Madhu Sudan Pathak)


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