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How to make Rajma Curry

MAKING of rajma curry rajma curry is the delicious dish formt he red kidney beans. its is one of the most popular recipie in south asia. it is good protien source . this is especilly made during the festival in nepal , india, pakistan and so on   Ingradients need ...

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How to make Chuira Mix

Chiura, the bitten rice , popular  day time food among the nepali society .especially in  Newars community . The modified and popular chiura (beaten rice) is prepared on mixing with other curries  termed as chuira mix or beaten rice mix.. The making of this dish is as follows Ingredients 1 cup-chiura( ...

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How to make Egg Curry

Egg Curry is famous dish overall in south asia. its especially eaten in nepal, india  for the lunch and dinner.The bolied then fried egg is made curry with other spices ingridents is good for health .The egg gives good calories . Related Posts: Bi-si-ka jatra: The Festival of Dead Serpents ...

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