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lady to rikshwalla

lady to rikshwalla …under tak jaayega? rikshawalla “bilkul jaayega madam, aapke liye toh khada kiya hai.” lady “thik hai toh..ghumake phicche se le lo.. Related Posts: lady from 18&men after her Doctor 2 Lady Hindi Romantic SMS You And I – Lady Gaga Whats the time|sardar joke Not Prohibited|joke

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Tumhare jeevan mein 6 ladkiya aayengi

Pandit : Tumhare jeevan mein 6 ladkiya aayengi. Thambu : Wow, kya baat hai. Related Posts: Urdu Love Syari Hindi Romantic SMS Shreya Ghosal song collection |listen live|jukebox Romantic Hindi songs|listen online Tradegy SMS Hindi Friendship SMS

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Lying on rails|banta joke

Banta is lying across the rail tracks with a bottle of Whisky and a tandoori chicken within reach. A passerby asks, “Banta ji, why are you lying on the rail lines? A train may comee any moment and run over you.” “Precisely!” answers Banta. “I have no desire to live ...

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