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How to make Chuira Mix

beaten riceChiura, the bitten rice , popular  day time food among the nepali society .especially in  Newars community . The modified and popular chiura (beaten rice) is prepared on mixing with other curries  termed as chuira mix or beaten rice mix.. The making of this dish is as follows


  • 1 cup-chiura( bitten rice)
  • 2tbl sp-oil
  • 2-eggs
  • 1cup-any yesterday ‘s vegetable curry
  • 1/2cup-onion
  • Salt to taste

Direction to make

  • First heat the pan and put the oil.
  • And then fry the onion .
  • Then fry the egg and mix it.
  • When egg will be golden brown put the chiura.
  • Cook it 2 min then put the yesterday’s curry.
  • Put the salt. If u like chilly u can put, and if u like lit bit sour u can put lemon also.
  • Now your mix Chiura is ready .


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