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How to Fix Temporary Profile in Windows 7

when u get message that you have been logged into a temporary profile in Windows 7 computer, then it’s not your correct profile. it’s temporary profile . You may miss your icons on desktop, any customized settings in Windows 7 by this temp profile issue.

By restarting or re logging to Windows 7 computer will not help you in this
case. This temp profile issue rises because of a registry key.

so here are the steps to retrive and fix.

1)      Log in with temp profile.

2)      Start
registry editor
by typing regedit in find box
in Windows 7.

3)      Navigate the following location in Windows

4)      You can see similar keys under profile list
with .bak difference, as shown below.

5)      You correct profile key is marked as bak.
Currently your Windows 7 computer logged in with fresh profile with same key.
So, rename the new profile key ( which is not having.bak) and remove .bak from
correct profile key. See below.

6)      That’s it. Log off and log in with your user
name and password. You must get your icons and profile settings back in Windows
7. This is very simple and easy method to fix temp profile in Windows 7 

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