Big Boss |season 8 all episodes

Finale Ka Twist: The episode starts with a AV of the Bigg Boss Season 8’s journey so far, and after this Captain Salman enters the Bigg Boss stage with a dance performance and is joined by Praneet and Arya. Minnisha and Natasha also join Salman for the dance performance. After the performance is over, Salman welcomes all to the Finale Ka Twist and speaks about the previous seasons, and speaks about the twist. Salman then welcomes the eliminated inmates of the season 8 and speaks to them one by one. Salman then asks the eliminated inmates who would be the likely winner of the Season 8, everyone gives his or her view. Salman then walks into the Bigg Boss House through MeTV and wishes the seven inmates. Salman sees that Sonali is shabbily dressed and even without a mike, and questions her. Salman then wishes the seven inmates for being the finalists and after this small AV’s are shown of each finalists. Salman speaks about the finale ka twist and says that there is an elimination today also. Watch the episode to see what the actual Finale Ka Twist is.