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Yoga Science, Pranayam & Yoga Asanas

In this video on Pranayama and Yoga exercises Baba Ramdev expounds on the benefits of Bahya, Anulom – Vilom, Bhramri, Udgeeth and Ujjayee. This video contains Yoga asanas for getting rid of all ailments including obesity (overweight), spondilytis, high blood pressure, arthritis and chronic stomach ailment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYn7wdgxc2o&feature=relmfu Related Posts: Miss ...

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Spinal Yoga |baba ramdev

Baba Ramdev – Yoga for Vertebral Column-Spinal Cord – English – Yoga Health Fitness. This features Yoga for the spine. The pitutary gland has been upheld as the seat of the consciousness for ages by both scientists and spiritualists. A seat that is responsible for the healthy and divine thought ...

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Daily Yoga Assan-Tuesday|swami ramdev

The second day of the ‘Weekly Yog Practices’ begins with the basic rules and precautions that a Yoga practitioner should take before starting any kind of Yogic exercises. Covering an explanation of simple, easy and scientific practices of Yoga this part would rejuvenate the user with a healthy and spiritual ...

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