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My balls in 18 hole|english joke

Three men went Las Vegas and after a losing their money at the blackjack tables, the best friends decided to stay off the strip in a not so lavish hotel and the guy that owned it had 18 daughters so the first man went up to they’re father and said ...

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Lying on rails|banta joke

Banta is lying across the rail tracks with a bottle of Whisky and a tandoori chicken within reach. A passerby asks, “Banta ji, why are you lying on the rail lines? A train may comee any moment and run over you.” “Precisely!” answers Banta. “I have no desire to live ...

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school teacher sent home a note|english joke

school teacher sent home a note..!! . . . ” Your son is an obedient & bright student but he spends too much time with girls. ” . . . . mother sent a note back . . . . ”please advise a solution! Father has the same problem…!! Related ...

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