Things to be prepared before earthquake


Things to be prepared before earthquake

1. Make the Plan

Plan where to go when the earthquake is over? Do you know what you’ll do if you’re inside? Outside? Know what to do, because you’ll need to move fast.

2. Have Equipment Ready:

These equipments should be made ready

Flashlights- When a major earthquake happens, it’s highly likely that you could lose power. Having flashlights that are test and working is a good idea

First Aid Kits- If you, a family member, or other survivor are injured, these first aid kits can be extremely useful. Know what’s in the kit and how to use it.

• Battery-operated Radio– Post-quake, the radio will keep you updated with news and details of what to do.

• Non-perishable Food Items- Have a stock of canned goods, peanut butter, pasta, beans, bottled water, etc. If after a major quake, rescue efforts take a while, you’ll need food and water. Know where to put and  get them.

3. When you set up your house or apartment, make sure things are secure.


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